Media and Sports Information Directors:

The following information is provided for the convenience of the media and sports information directors.  Contact the sports information office in advance for special requests.

SID Mailing Address/Fax/SportsLine/Contact Information

Sports Information Office
Junker Center
5103 Station Road
Erie, PA 16563-0400

Fax: 814-898-6013

Sports Information Director

Jill Yamma
Phone: 814-898-6322

Assistant Sports Information Director

Abby Wilczynski
Phone: 814-898-6240


SID Downloads: Penn State Behrend Word Rosters
(Microsoft word .doc files)

2019 Men's Soccer Roster
2019 Women's Soccer Roster
2019 Men's Water Polo Roster
2019 Women's Volleyball Roster
2019-20 Women's Tennis Roster
2019-20 Men's Tennis Roster
2019-20 Women's Swimming Roster
2019-20 Men's Swimming Roster
2019-20 Men's Basketball Roster
2019-20 Women's Basketball Roster
2019-20 Men's Wrestling Roster
2020 Men's Volleyball Roster
2020 Women's Water Polo Roster
2020 Baseball Roster
2020 Softball Roster

SID Downloads: Penn State Behrend StatCrew Rosters
(StatCrew files)

2019 Women's Volleyball StatCrew Roster
2019 Men's Soccer StatCrew Roster
2019 Women's Soccer StatCrew Roster
2019-20 Men's Tennis StatCrew Roster
2019-20 Women's Tennis StatCrew Roster
2019-20 Men's Golf StatCrew Roster
2019-20 Men's Basketball StatCrew Roster
2019-20 Women's Basketball StatCrew Roster
2020 Men's Volleyball Statcrew Roster
2020 Baseball Statcrew Roster (.TRO) (.TRX)
2020 Softball Statcrew Roster (.TRO) (.TRX)

SID Downloads: Penn State Behrend Logos


Behrend Athletics Logo

Conference Logo


Behrend College Logo


Media Credentials

Media are welcome to attend all Behrend Lions sporting events. Please contact the Sports Information Office in advance for accomodations and special requests.

Media seating is available at all contests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Radio/TV Services

All requests for radio lines must be made in advance to the Behrend Sports Information Office. Phone lines are available for visitor broadcasts.


All requests for interviews will be attempted to be granted. Please make in advance to the Behrend Sports Information Office. Post game, coaches and athletes can be made available to the media by request after a ten minute cooling off period.